Stainless Steel Deployment (deployant) Clasps and Buckles for leather watchstraps

Stainless Steel Deployment Clasp 2
(double folding butterfly type)

Solid and dependable mirror polished stainless steel deployant clasp with secure locking
suitable for use with a wide range of leather watchstraps. By far the most popular / best
selling TSS clasp since 2004.

Available in 16mm
/ 18mm / 20mm / 22mm

Price: £12.00

Deployment Buckle Main

Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment Clasp Closed

Deployant Clasp Fitted

Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment Clasp Fitted

Deployment Clasp Closed
Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment Clasp Angle

Deployment Clasp Open
Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment Clasp Open

Butterfly Deployment Detail
Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment Clasp Detail

Butterfly Deployment Clasp Detail

Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment Clasp Fitting Mechanism

Deployment benefits and advantages over standard buckles

*Fitting a deployment buckle will extend the life of virtually any leather watchstrap and help preserve its original appearance for significantly longer than would be the case with traditional buckles.

*The buckle friction and wear normally applied by pulling or tugging your watchstrap through a standard buckle is virtually eliminated after fitting a good quality
deployment clasp.

*Deployment (also known as deployant) clasps provide convenient and quick operation

*Compact and stylish appearance

Stainless Steel Deployant Clasp 2
(butterfly type)

Price £12.00

Price includes postage & packing to all uk post codes

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Deployment Clasp Details

Mirror polished finish and manufactured from heavy gauge 316L stainless steel.

Suitable for use with a wide range of leather watch straps.

Secure and positive locking action.

To deterine the deployment clasp size you require simply measure the width of your strap at the buckle end as seen in the image below.

How to determine the deployment clasp size

Available in 16mm / 18mm / 20mm / 22mm

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Price: £12.00
Deployant Clasp Buckle for leather watchstraps

Deployment buckle for leather watchstraps



If you are searching for an excellent quality replacement military, vintage or classic leather watch strap that doesn't come with a 'stand and deliver' price tag, the straps seen here will impress both in terms of quality and price. Every strap in the TSS/Watchworx range has been carefully selected for its quality of construction and superb handling qualities. You could easily pay significantly more for an 'oe' replacement watch strap without necessarily getting a better quality strap for your money, you'll just be buying a similar watchstrap with an expensive logo !

TSS can supply a diverse range of military and vintage style watch straps compatible with a wide range of military, vintage and classic watches, including mid to high end brands such as CWC, MWC, Ruhla, Marathon, Hamilton, Sinn, Zeno, Bell & Ross, IWC, Luminox, Traser, Ollech and Wajs, Junkers, Muhle-Glashutte, Lemania, Omega, Doxa, Kobold and Glycine.

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