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TSS supply Padded Alligator Crocodile Waterproof Sports Divers Rubber Classic Vintage Oiled Leather Contrast Stitched Watch Straps Deployment Buckle Stainless Steel Watch Bracelets

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0About Watchworx TSS

The Watchworx
TSS range of watch straps is a unique online collection and the result of many years careful personal research and 'hands on' evaluation by site owner - Ken Danks (one part anorak, one part enthusiast, watch collector and previously frustrated watch strap buyer). Finding high quality replacement leather watchstraps at sensible prices can be a time consuming and hugely frustrating activity. It was in fact the frustration I experienced personally while trying to find a replacement leather watch strap that didn't come with a 'stand and deliver' price tag that lead to my deciding to set up Watchworx TSS in 1999 (Millenium Eve to be exact) and following five years painstaking research into the world of oem and aftermarket watchstraps.

With many thousands of air miles under my belt and countless hours spent in stock rooms perusing a vast and varied number of watchstraps (an admitedly obscure activity, but not as grim as it possibly sounds) I can honestly claim to have methodically scrutinised the ranges from many of the worlds elite watchstrap manufacturers and effectively 'cherry picked' several of the best to form this collection. If you're looking for a genuinely high quality replacement watch strap and resent the high prices demanded for 'oem' watch straps - the Watchworx TSS range is unlikely to disappoint.

Several of the manufacturers from whom Watchworx TSS buy directly, also supply original equipment watchstraps to some of the most distinguished and widely recognised brands in the watch-making world. Rest assured that several of the designs seen in this collection are exactly the same quality as those supplied by a number of high end Swiss and Japanese watch brands. Many are made in the same production facilities by the very same craftsmen and women who make some of the best watch straps for some of the biggest names. The only difference being that Watchworx TSS stock is supplied in most cases without the respective manufacturers logo, unecessary and price inflating packaging or the frequently staggering retail mark-up associated with major brand and 'oem' watch straps.

While the cynics out there might casually write off the above as little more than subjective marketing hyperbole, I would like to reassure those of you who are still in possession of that increasingly rare commodity, ie. an open mind, that not everything written or sold by sole traders on the world wide web is offered up by opportunists in search of a fast buck at your expense.

Furthermore, if you are not entirely happy with any item purchased a full refund will be given if you return it within 14 days of receipt, the only provision being that any watch strap or accessory returned is in perfect, unaltered and unworn condition.

Thank you for your time and interest, I hope you like my web site but more importantly - any stock you choose to purchase from it . .

Regards - Ken Danks


Watchworx TSS stock the following replacement watchstrap designs.

Leather Rubber Nylon Velcro Nato G10 Waterproof Divers Deep Padded Alligator Buffalo Crocodile Ostrich Deployment Watchstraps Aniline Aviator Military Vintage Classic Sports Double Thickness Lizard Calfskin Remborde Anti Allergy Silicon Rubber Nubuck/Suede Traditional Saddle Leather Contrast Stitched Hand Finished Extra Long

Watchworx TSS also stock a range of spring bar tools for convenient removal and changing of watchstraps and bracelets

TSS Watchworx supply military, vintage and classic style genuine leather watch straps compatible with a wide range of military, classic and vintage watches including mid to high end brands such as CWC, MWC, Ruhla, Marathon SAR, Hamilton, Sinn, Zeno Watch of Basel, Bell & Ross, IWC, Luminox, Traser, Ollech & Wajs, Junkers, Muhle-Glashutte, Lemania, Omega, Breitling, Doxa, Kobold, Rolex and Glycine.

If you are searching for an excellent quality military, classic or vintage watchstrap that doesn't come with a 'stand and deliver' price tag, the TSS/Watchworx range will impress both in terms of quality and price. TSS has evaluated literally thousands of military, vintage and classic watchstraps from manufacturers around the globe. Every TSS Watchworx watch strap (at every price point) has been selected for its superb handling qualities and excellent construction quality. Any sample which doesn't meet these fundamental criteria, simply isn't stocked, period !

While it is acknowledged that you can buy cheap replacement watch straps of similar appearance elswhere, TSS is confident that you will not find straps of this quality anywhere else for less. Many years of careful research have been devoted to the sourcing and selection of stock prior to presenting this collection and TSS Watchworx genuinely believe the watchstraps seen here to be among the very best available in terms of quality, construction and value for money! If you can find a military, vintage or classic leather watch strap of the same design and quality as those seen here for less money, TSS would genuinely like to hear about it.

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