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If there is any additional information that you feel should be included on the Watchworx TSS FAQs page - please feel free to forward your suggestions.

How do I contact Watchworx TSS

You can contact Watchworx TSS by phone on 0151 632 0005 Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm (standard BT landline rate). Please note that the above number does not accept anonymous or withheld numbers.

or you can click here to send an email

or by post - Watchworx TSS address details can be found by clicking here

Can I order from Watchworx TSS by post ?

Yes - please click here for details

Does Watchworx TSS sell watches ?

No, Watchworx TSS supply watchstraps and watchstrap related accessories only. The watches seen across the site are not available for sale and are used simply to give an idea of how each strap will look when fitted.

Are spring bars supplied with Watchworx TSS watchstraps ?

Yes - all straps are supplied with a pair of superior quality Swiss made stainless steel spring bars
as standard and at no extra charge. The only exceptions being Nato G10 straps, military two and three piece straps and Divers straps which are supplied without spring bars.

Can Watchworx TSS supply straps with gilt (gold tone) buckles ?

Yes - virtually all Watchworx TSS straps can be supplied fitted with a gold colour buckle (deployment straps excepted). Please email ken@thestrapshop.co.uk if you would like a gold colour buckle supplied with any strap ordered.

Can I return a strap for refund or exchange ?

Yes - any item supplied it can be returned for refund or exchange. However, please note that refunds and exchanges are discretionary and subject to few fair and simple refund / exchange conditions - please click here to read TSS refund / exchange conditions.

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What is Watchworx TSS returns policy ?

To see our return / exchange and refund terms please click here

What are your postage and packing charges ?

Royal Mail 1st class postage and packing to any uk postcode is included in all prices seen ! (please see below if you reside outside of the United Kingdom).

Orders are normally dispatched within 48 hours of your payment. Royal Mail 1st class recorded delivery is also available on orders over £10.00 in value.

What are your International shipping rates ?

To see Watchworx TSS international shipping rates please click here

What countries does Watchworx TSS ship to ?

Watchworx TSS is happy to report that straps have been ordered and dispatched to over 30 countries. Provided that your home country has a registered postal service arrangement with Royal Mail UK and you are happy to pay for registered insured shipping - Watchworx TSS will be happy to accept and process your order. As delivery times vary from country to country delivery times cannot be guaranteed but in most cases if your order is being shipped outside of the EU it will normally arrive within 7-10 days of your order being placed. Deliveries to EU member countries usually arrive in 5 days (sometimes sooner) following the date on which your order is dispatched.

How do I know what size I need ?

If you do not know the size you need please click here for more details on how to determine the correct strap size for your watch.

What happens if the strap I order is out of stock ?

While stock is held in significant numbers there might be times when a particular size or colour is not available for immediate despatch (this is extremely rare but not unknown). In the unlikely event of there being a despatch delay due to stock availability an email notifying you of the situation will be sent and pending your reply your payment will be refunded in full if the proposed/anticipated shipping date does not meet with your approval. If you wish to check stock availability prior to placing an order please email ken@thestrapshop.co.uk

What if I don't don't receive a reply to my email ?

In the event that you do not receive a reply (and there can be many reasons for this, some of a technical nature and some not ) please call 0151 653 6598. A brief telephone call can save much frustration and uncertainty, often in less time than it takes to compose and send an email. In the event that your query will take more than a couple of minutes TSS will take your details and call you back (please note - return calls will be made to uk landline numbers only).

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Why are 'OEM' branded watchstraps so expensive ?

Firstly - don't let anyone mug you into believing that because a strap carries a widely recognised brand name automatically qualifies it as 'best of breed' ! This widely held (but misguided) opinion is simply not true !

When you buy a branded strap you are paying a higher premium price for the branding [logo] just as is the case with any other branded product. You will also be paying more than a small percentage towards the marketing costs associated with establishing and maintaining a global brand/reputation, ie. glossy brochures and catalogues and their inherent high production costs. Advertising agencies who project manage marketing strategies from concept to point of sale don't come cheap. Winning design, top class photography and printing all have to be factored into the final retail price of any product.
A percentage will also go toward the cost of magazine and editorial based advertising, in store merchandising materials (these costs are part of the price you pay regardless of whether you buy in the high street or online from an authorised agent) and don't forget that flashy expensive packaging specifically designed to seduce you into thinking you'd just bought something really special and worth every penny of the hugely inflated price you've just paid.

Don't get me wrong
- I've been this gullible too on more occasions than I care to admit, but at the end of the day, once the initial excitement and kudos of owning something 'special' has worn off and your strap no longer looks as good as it did when you first fitted it - was it really worth it !? Of course - only you can answer this and I realise that my attitude and opinions will not necessarily always be in agreement with your own take on things.

From a purely personal point of view and having spent obscene amounts on 'oe' leather straps over the last 30 years I've grown to rather resent the 'stand and deliver' prices asked by the majority of major brands and with a little careful research prefer to buy an equivalent quality strap (minus the logo) at a more sensible and not to mention a more agreeable wallet friendly price.

Why are Watchworx TSS straps so inexpensive compared to branded straps ?

The principle reason is that the majority of Watchworx TSS watchstraps are imported direct from manufacturer and supplied without any price inflating 'oem' branding and are free of the associated costs identified above (many of which I realise will be controversial depending on which side of the retail fence you sit).

Watchworx TSS is a 'cottage industry by design' operation maintained by one man - quite literally ! All stock is personally selected and sourced by site owner Ken Danks (yours truly). Every aspect of the web site design (development and maintenance) and all photography is handled by me, meaning that there is not a single 'outsource' cost to be built into the price you pay. I answer every phone call, write every email and handle all aspects of day to day business. By doing literally everything myself meaning that there is not a single administrative 'add-on' or hidden cost.

You can take it as read that if you find straps of similar appearance anywhere else for less (and there are many out there) you will probably be buying an inferior quality strap or worse - 'second quality' stock that would not meet the quality control standards applied here at TSS.

If on receiving any TSS product you feel that you have in any way been mislead by any of the above I will happily refund your money should you wish to return it (please see the fair any reasonable conditions below).

For more background on how Watchworx TSS came into being please click on the following links 'about Watchworx TSS' and/or 'site credits' additional info.

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Where do TSS straps come from ?

Without wishing to appear to duck this question ( I get asked this a lot), all I can say is that many are sourced within Europe and selected lines are imported from two of the most technologically advanced production facilities in the world, ie. the far east.

Ok, some of you out there will now switch off and bemoan the probability that Asian sourced stock is somehow inferior to that sourced within Europe - this is simply not true !!! Just ask any leading independent brand specialist (I'm mentioning no names here as you can probably guess who I'm talking about) if all their straps are manufactured within Europe and you might get a rather coy and reluctant response - assuming you find someone prepared to give you honest answer.

In my humble opinion anyone who still believes that straps made outside of Europe are in any way inferior must be a fully signed up member of the 'flat earth' society. Quality is quality wherever it is sourced. The key factor is 'quality control'. It doesn't matter a jot if a strap is made in this country or that country if the appropriate quality control monitoring is in place. Yes, there are some great European manufacturers whose products are among the very best available (several of which - minus the logo - can be found within the pages of this web site), All I'm saying to those of you still in possession of that increasingly rare commodity, 'an open mind', is don't knock the non-european straps just because they're non-european ! Those of you who would argue that a top spec Lexus is somehow less of a car than it's european built counterparts probably won't have read this far or will be grinding your teeth in righteous indignation while those of you still with me will hopefully understand the point I'm trying to make. Perceived value is just that - perceived value, why spend more than is absolutely necessary ? Unless of course you are happy to do so.

Anyone read 'No Logo' by Naomi Klein or Chomskys 'Propaganda and the public mind' ? Both the above works provide interesting (some would say controversial) insight into global marketing strategies and the corporate manipulation of the retail market. Apologies to all if this section presents more like a 'blog' than a FAQs entry but some things just need to be said . . .

If anyone cares to comment one way or the other - please feel free to email me at ken@thestrapshop.co.uk

What's the difference between Remborde
and cut edge watchstraps ?

In the early days watchstraps were generally cut edge. This is when two pieces of leather were simply glued together and the shape cut out. Although this is a simplification, it is basically how early watchstraps were made. The main problem encountered with this basic construction methodology was that it allowed water and perspiration to easily penetrate the strap. This could cause the strap to smell and degenerate more quickly due to it's porous nature.

Then came the turned edge watch strap. This was a construction method were the top and bottom pieces were cut prior to gluing. The edges of the strap were then skived to make them thinner. The edge of the top piece was then folded under and the bottom piece glued to the top. This technique consequently allowed manufacturers to produce watch straps in a wider variety of designs that were more aesthetically appealing than had been previously available with simple cut edge types. It also reduced the chance of water and perspiration ingestion but the downside was that it made the strap weaker and less durable as the leather had to be skived so thin.

Then a famous shoemaker developed a new adhesive which could be applied to the leather and allowed to dry. It was then reactivated later in the process. This helped to revolutionise the way in which watch straps were manufactured. The top and bottom sections could now be cut in large numbers, hung up and sprayed with the adhesive and allowed to dry.

The top and bottom piece of leather are then placed in a precision made mould and a precision press then bonds the two pieces together under extreme heat and pressure. This process helps to mould the strap and makes it almost completely impervious to water induction without weakening the strap in any way. Although this is a much-simplified explanation it should help to make the advantages of Remborde construction more understandable.

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Aviator Pro Leather Watchstrap

Aviator Pro Leather Watchstrap

Heavy Duty Silicon Rubber Divers Watch Strap 2

TITAN CS leather watchstrap

TITAN CS leather watchstrap

Sil-Tech Silicon Rubber Watchstrap 18mm & 20mm

Sil-Tech Silicon Rubber Watchstrap 18mm & 20mm

Rubber Tyre Tread Divers Style Deployment Watchstrap
Rubber Tyre Tread

TITAN CS Leather Watchstrap
TITAN CS Leather Watchstrap

Silicon Rubber Watchstrap on KHS Traser Navigator (H3 Series)
Silicon Rubber Watchstrap on KHS Traser Navigator (H3 Series)

Silicon Rubber Deployant Watchstrap
Silicon Rubber Deployant Watchstrap

Watchworx TSS stock the following replacement watchstrap designs.

Rubber Nylon Velcro Nato G10 Waterproof Divers Deep Padded Alligator Buffalo Crocodile Ostrich Deployment Watchstraps Aniline Aviator Military Vintage Classic Sports Double Thickness Lizard Calfskin
Anti Allergy Silicon Rubber Nubuck Traditional Saddle Leather Contrast Stitched Hand Finished Extra Long

Watchworx TSS also stock a range of spring bar tools for convenient removal and changing of watchstraps and bracelets


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